how to disable flashupload

Added by Gotty Enders about 5 years ago

No matter which browser or computer I use (Chrome, IE11, Firefox, Win7 or Win8) I find that selecting flashupload causes a problem. IE11 crashes, with "script taking too long" error, Chrome just hangs there and then gives up.

extplorer is ideal for one of my sites because I can see how to customise it for my non-computer-savvy users so they can look after a folder on the site which stores PDFs. But this flashupload problem prevents it being used (especially as it always remembers that was the last tab selected, so click on "upload" and that's the end of things).

I'd be quite happy to remove that as an option, but I can't see how to remove it. I get tantalisingly close, but then the coding gets convoluted.

I wondered if anything had any thoughts on how to remove this?