eXtplorer 2.1.11 integration in Joomla is broken

Added by Lau Meyer over 4 years ago

eXtplorer is broken at the moment.
Here is how to fix it (after installing it):
1. Rename "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/extplorer.j30.xml" to "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/extplorer.xml"
2. Rename "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/extplorer.j30.php" to "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/extplorer.php"
3. In the file "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/extplorer.xml", remove all ".j30" occurrences (replace them with nothing, there are 2)
4. Extract the file "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/scripts.tar.gz" (the .gz and .tar file) to "/administrator/components/com_extplorer/scripts/" (it contains multiple files and folders)