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h1. eXtplorer Features

The Main Features of eXtplorer are:
* *Copy & Move* Files and Directories by Drag&Drop
* Dynamic Directory Tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories
* *Edit* Files (with *Syntax-Highlighting* thanks to "EditArea": "EditArea":
* *Rename*, Delete or Create new Files and Directories
* Access Files through ''FTP'' or directly (using PHP) to totally overcome _permission_ and _file ownership_ issues
* *Upload* or Download files just as you like
* Create and *Extract Archives* (ZIP, Tar, Tar/GZ, Tar/BZ)
* *User Management* with different permission levels like "View only" or "Edit" and "Admin"

* *Easy Install*:
** As a component for "Joomla!":
** On Linux system with "Debian package":
** Upload the "install file": to your web host

All these features are packed into an intuitive Layout which makes working with files very easy. Thanks to the great "ExtJS Javascript Library": you can drag & drop folders and files, filter directories and sort the file list using various criteria.