Old and odd errors on front-end

Added by Stephane Martin over 5 years ago


I like extPlorer (i've downloaded and updated to the last version 2.1.5) but when I display the files directory on the front-end, a lot of PHP warnings and errors are displayed.
A lot of them seems to be references to old variables or functions like Undefined variable: mosConfig_live_site or Undefined variable: mosConfig_absolute_path.

I cannot not download a file because class ext_TextEncoding is unknown in File_Operations.php. I have to add an include of text/textencoding.php to fix this issue.

Some old joomla global variables seems to be still used.

But this extension is tagged Joomla 2.5 & 3.x on the JED.
Has the front-end part been migrated to ?

Thank you for your help


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RE: Old and odd errors on front-end - Added by Sören Eberhardt-Biermann over 5 years ago

It seems as if your installation of eXtplorer hasn't been fully updated. Some files are missing? Maybe you should uninstall extplorer and make sure all files of it are deleted and then reinstall it.
Joomla 1 - 3 are fully supported, that's why old variables are still used.

ciao, Sören