Change view from 'details' to thumbnail

Added by Paul M over 7 years ago

Is it possible to change the view from 'details' to thumbnail in the viewer?

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RE: Change view from 'details' to thumbnail - Added by Kapil Singhal over 2 years ago

We have a photo library that has representative photographs appeared in a thumbnail see. It demonstrates the photo and the representative name which is the record name (John Doe.jpg). When you tap on the photo it contains advance worker points of interest like Job Title, Department, Phone Number, Email Address, and so on… We as of late moved up to SharePoint 2013 and now the representative photographs appear in thumbnail see yet as opposed to demonstrating the representative name, it demonstrates their Job Title. When I drift over the photograph it demonstrates the record subtle elements too like document augmentation, picture measurements, record estimate. Is there a simple approach to change the drift over data? I've had a go at altering the view however it doesn't appear to transform anything. Much obliged for your assistance!

Kapil Singhal
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