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04:42 PM Help: RE: 404 - Component not found
Here are some system-parameters:
Einstellung Wert

PHP erstellt für Linux 2.6.32-042stab1...
Hans-Guenter Heiserholt
04:36 PM Help: 404 - Component not found
Hi to all,
after installing extplorer 2.1.9 I get the "404 - Component not found" when clicking to the entry in th...
Hans-Guenter Heiserholt


02:17 PM Help: Symbolic link outside tree doesn't work
Running on an Amazon EC2 instance. Placed it in /var/www/html directory as /ext . So when I pull up the admin ...
Tuc .


07:26 AM Help: Change group of extplorer admin account
Hi, I'm running on Centos 7 and as I can see, when I created a new directory in extplorer, it owner will be assigned ... came lot


10:40 PM Help: RE: Request failed: Security Token not valid.
I answer to my self :
The problem is the scripts folder that is delivered as a tar.gz file
When I upgrade I do no...
ksar ksar
10:04 PM Help: RE: Request failed: Security Token not valid.
There is no Token on the POST :
POST /listef/index.php option=com_extplorer&dir=%2Fmnt%2Fraid%2Fvideos&item=My_vid...
ksar ksar
09:57 PM Help: Request failed: Security Token not valid.
Dear all,
I just upgrade to PHP 7 and Extplorer 2.1.9.
I get an error each time I try to move or delete files : R...
ksar ksar

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