Symbolic link outside tree doesn't work

Added by Tuc . over 4 years ago


Running on an Amazon EC2 instance. Placed it in /var/www/html directory as /ext . So when I pull up the admin panel, it considers "/" to be /var/www/html. I see the ext below, and all other directories. Fine. So then I do "ln -s /etc /var/www/html/etc" (Well, not really, but just giving an example). So now if I cd to /var/www/html/etc I get to /etc.

When I click on it in extplorer, it does nothing. In unix I can get there, the directory is accessible by apache:apache. All seems good. If I do "cd /var/www/html;ln -s /var/www/html/web_admin/include/authentication ." Then I see the authentication in the top level directory and can click and go down into it.

Is the program somehow chrooted to /var/www/html and not any higher?

Thanks, Tuc