Character set issues

Added by Erik Liljencrantz about 5 years ago

Installed the latest 2.1.9 version on Apache server and most things are very nice! :-)

But I do have some character set issues:

+ there are language files with either utf-8 or iso-8859-1 character set specified, the tags of the html head is adjusted accordingly, however, the Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 (or iso-8859-1) is not sent. Added header-call - with charset from the language file - right after the Pragma no-cache header in index.php (about line 56). Works better for the various language files.

+ though popup:s from JavaScript, like the Upload-box, does not launch through index.php and still interpret the charset wrong

+ as there are both languages/germanf.php and germani - actually both with charset utf-8 specified though germani.php use iso-8859-1 - so I guess others have language issues too...

However, English works nicely for most of us, but then:

+ file names containing national characters are not treated well either - from replacing national characters to actually replacing the entire file name with false. This is a much more serious problem! What can be done to handle file names with "strange" characters better? Is there a setting to inform of utf-8 file system (running on Linux), or similar?

Also, on the subject of language, there are missing translations, both a few like flashupload and standardupload that are missing in all language files to (mostly) javascript code that doesn't use the PHP language file...

Happy that PHP7 is supported, however, would love to see more recent development efforts to fix little issues like these :-)

Erik L.