Extplorer stuck directly after admin login.

Added by Pierre Schmits over 3 years ago

I am working on XAMPP on a stand-alone PC running W10 (XAMPP for windows with PHP 7.2.4)
and have copied all eXtplorer files do a directory c:/xampp/htdocs/extplorer
I extracted the files of the scrips.tar zip file and added these in a folder extplorer/scripts.
The directory /extplorer and /extplorer/ftp_tmp have write access.
The file .htusers.php has write access.
Also added the patch as advised by Saud Iqbal:

Edit /libraries/PasswordHash.php
public function __construct() {
// Constructor's functionality here, if you have any.
var $random_state;

Before above patch eXtplorer was stuck on the login page.
After the patch it seems to want to move to the explorer page but gets stuck again straight after the language option box.
I have added a screenshot of the page where it gets stuck to illustrate my point.

Thanks for listening and I hope you can point me in the right direction with my problem.


Pierre Schmits