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Folders showing twice in Extplorer

Added by Klaus Eder about 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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Sometimes when you open a couple of folders (using normal mode) the subfolders of one or more folders will show twice, but only be clickable once (using standard mode - on the left/west panel of extplorer) it's like there'd be "shadow copies" which aren't clickable.

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Updated by Sören Eberhardt-Biermann about 13 years ago

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I also found this bug a couple of times. I suspect it's a bug in ExtJS. You're right - the bug doesnt always occur, but only sometimes. It's very curious why that happens...

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Updated by Tim Alatorre about 13 years ago

This is what I found:

When selecting a directory tree parent node to display the folder contents and THEN clicking on the "+" symbol to expand the tree the child nodes are all displayed twice. If I just click on the "+" symbol first the child nodes only display once as expected.

I have not been able to duplicate this error with Firefox or Chrome. I am running iE8 version 8.0.6001.18999.

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Updated by Klaus Eder about 13 years ago

same happens in ff 4 - if you doubleclick the directory in the tree the folders show up twice, if you click the plus sign it works ok.

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Updated by Klaus Eder about 13 years ago

bug shouldn't be in extjs, as it wasn't there in previous versions of extplorer, and is still there if I use the old extjs version, which works fine in previous extplorer versions.

(still could be "the way" the extplorer uses extjs though :-))

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Updated by Klaus Eder about 13 years ago

however the issue is not confined to double clicking, it's just if you double click a folder it ALWAYS happens (at least in firefox 4) and it only rarely happens if you click the + sign, in IE 8 however it almost always happens, even if you just click the + sign ...

hope this helps, I already browsed trough lots of documentation of extjs and bugs, couldn't really find anything useful though, my guess it's somehow related to how the tree
is that the data gets loaded multiple times (as the tree is an asynch tree) and since the ids for the subfolders are the same they just show up as "ghost" copies ... maybe
we can check for duplicates somehow ...

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Updated by Gary Csorgo about 13 years ago

Sometimes I get three copies of folders. This happens in Firefox 3.6 on windows.


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