From 06/17/2011 to 07/16/2011


10:31 AM Feature #24 (Neu): How can we change the LOGO or add custom wordings on the home page?
We would like to add our logo or custom messages on the home page so users know they are in the correct website. Kind... Florence Lo


09:57 PM Feature #23 (Neu): Crashes Firefox in Joomla 1/6
I love extplorer for joomla, but now with updated joomla 1.6 it constantly "refreshes" to the root folder... very ann... Kat Casey


12:56 PM Feature #19: extplorer cannot handle a lot of user accounts
I have a solution: find this file scripts\extjs3\resources\css\ext-all.css and on line
6694 add this to .x-panel-mc...
BeYourSite Site


12:14 AM Fehler #22 (Neu): Unlink and Permissions problem
I'm getting this error after install.. it seems like a permission isue. Currently running Debian Squeeze.
Guillermo Marco


12:24 AM Feature #21 (Neu): PHP.INI maximum upload
Even i set the php.ini to post_max_size = 200M the browser let me upload more than this.
Only upload_max_filesize wo...
BeYourSite Site


03:20 AM Fehler #20 (Neu): Call to undefined function activate_user()
When I access webdav.php, got error below.
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function activate_user() in /path/t...
M. I.


09:15 PM Fehler #8: Cannot change users' passwords from admin
Is there a way to access the revisions from this site? The download link still points to a version from Febru...
Gary Csorgo


01:31 AM Feature #19 (Neu): extplorer cannot handle a lot of user accounts
There is no scroll bar if you have a lot of users - so you cannot manage them. Matthias Wessner
01:29 AM Fehler #18 (Neu): files larger than 2 GB cannot be downlaoded
IIS 7.5
PHP 5.3
Extplorer 2.1 RC3
Displayed message after you click downlaod - webpage cannot be shown...
Matthias Wessner


05:48 AM Fehler #8 (Erledigt): Cannot change users' passwords from admin
Fixed it in trunk revision 199 Tim Alatorre
04:46 AM Unterstützung #17 (Erledigt): Veiligheidsplan Oosterschelde
Tim Alatorre
04:44 AM Unterstützung #16 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Tim Alatorre
04:43 AM Fehler #15 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Tim Alatorre
04:37 AM Fehler #11 (Erledigt): Sorting does not work (grayed out)
This was a problem with the column model definitions in application.js.php. I fixed it in the trunk revision 198. Tim Alatorre

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