From 08/05/2011 to 09/03/2011


12:16 PM Fehler #36 (Neu): Clicking on the View button in SSH mode gives "JSON Decode Error: unterminated string literal"
This is what it gives. Shahar Or
12:14 PM Fehler #35 (Neu): Owner in SSH mode is "(unknown)"
When logging in through SSH the owner of files/directories is "(unknown)". Shahar Or
12:08 PM Fehler #34 (Neu): Panel header text in login screen is unclear
I think that "SSH login" or "SSH session" or something like that would be more appropriate. Shahar Or
12:04 PM Feature #33 (Neu): Hide server field in SSH login when there's only one configured
If only one server (e.g. "localhost") is configured hide the server field in the SSH login dialog.
Print the serve...
Shahar Or


11:24 PM Fehler #32 (Neu): umask in SSH sessions is hard coded
Using the SSH login method files are created in umask 0022. This, in my case, is not the logged in user's umask.
Shahar Or


10:04 PM Fehler #31 (Neu): Bug tracker categories are in German
Bug tracker categories are in German. "Fehler" and "Unterstutzung". "Neu" and "Niedrig", "Hoch", etc..
I'd really ...
Shahar Or
07:51 PM Feature #24: How can we change the LOGO or add custom wordings on the home page?
Please let me know how to do changing logo of extplorer
Which files i need to modify
Appi Dundeti


03:38 PM Fehler #30: Flash uploader does not upload over https SSL
This seems to only be an issue with Firefox and self-signed certificates, and there is a workaround. SWFUploader (and... Brian Kirkman
11:21 AM Small Fix: eXtplorer 2.1.0 RC5
The latest version is just s small update, it fixes the functionality to change passwords for users. Everyone should ... Sören Eberhardt-Biermann


06:58 PM Fehler #30: Flash uploader does not upload over https SSL
This seems to be an issue with SWFUpload and possibly just on FF. I'll update what I find out. Brian Kirkman
06:40 PM Fehler #30 (Neu): Flash uploader does not upload over https SSL
When attempting to upload using the flash based uploader over an https SSL connection, the file will not upload. The ... Brian Kirkman


08:06 PM Fehler #29 (Neu): install Joomla 1.7 error Notice: Undefined variable
Just did a clean install of Joomla 1.7. Uploaded ALL joomla files via FTP and installed with FTP (if this ma...
Quinn Pritchard
12:28 PM eXtplorer now runs on Joomla! 1.7
A new version of eXtplorer is available!
The following changes have been incorporated:
* works with J! 1.7
* imple...
Sören Eberhardt-Biermann

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