From 05/26/2011 to 06/24/2011


09:15 PM Fehler #8: Cannot change users' passwords from admin
Is there a way to access the revisions from this site? The download link still points to a version from Febru...
Gary Csorgo
01:31 AM Feature #19 (Neu): extplorer cannot handle a lot of user accounts
There is no scroll bar if you have a lot of users - so you cannot manage them. Matthias Wessner
01:29 AM Fehler #18 (Neu): files larger than 2 GB cannot be downlaoded
IIS 7.5
PHP 5.3
Extplorer 2.1 RC3
Displayed message after you click downlaod - webpage cannot be shown...
Matthias Wessner


05:48 AM Fehler #8 (Erledigt): Cannot change users' passwords from admin
Fixed it in trunk revision 199 Tim Alatorre
04:46 AM Unterstützung #17 (Erledigt): Veiligheidsplan Oosterschelde
Tim Alatorre
04:44 AM Unterstützung #16 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Tim Alatorre
04:43 AM Fehler #15 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Tim Alatorre
04:37 AM Fehler #11 (Erledigt): Sorting does not work (grayed out)
This was a problem with the column model definitions in application.js.php. I fixed it in the trunk revision 198. Tim Alatorre


07:27 PM Unterstützung #17 (Erledigt): Veiligheidsplan Oosterschelde
Manuel Geerts
07:26 PM Unterstützung #16 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Manuel Geerts
06:13 PM Fehler #15 (Erledigt): Duikboek
Manuel Geerts


05:48 AM Fehler #14: UT8 encoding don't work
Martin, I think this problem is system independent. On one of my apache servers the folder names don't display corre... Tim Alatorre
04:51 AM Fehler #12 (Erledigt): User's panel
Fixed in revision 197 of the eXtplorer source code. Tim Alatorre
04:49 AM Fehler #9 (Erledigt): No scroll bar in users' list
Thanks for the help Ivan. We don't modify the extjs framework source code. I made the change in /style/style.css an... Tim Alatorre


07:19 PM Fehler #14: UT8 encoding don't work
Note: Maybe you can copy and paste one of my foldernames and see how it works on your system. Martin C.
07:18 PM Fehler #14 (Neu): UT8 encoding don't work
i like extplorer with the usability and how it looks like. But i can't use it :(
Some folders with special ch...
Martin C.


02:06 AM Unterstützung #13: Initial Login
I found eXtplorer's README.Debian file and followed the instructions to overwrite the .htusers.php file with the exam... Alex Ackerman


06:51 PM Unterstützung #13 (Neu): Initial Login
I have installed eXtplorer via apt in Ubuntu 11.04. For the most part, the directory permissions looked to ...
Alex Ackerman

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