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07:54 PM eXtplorer - PHP-based File Manager Help: RE: PHP 8 ?
extplorer does not work with PHP 8!
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Non-static method ext_List::execAction() cannot b...
OwN 3m-All


05:13 AM eXtplorer - PHP-based File Manager Fehler #186 (Neu): Localization Bug - Single Authentication Method - Shows "You could switch to mode."
If only one authentication mode is allowed in the extplorer configuration, the sentence of "You could switch to mode.... OwN 3m-All
05:09 AM eXtplorer - PHP-based File Manager Fehler #185 (Neu): Blank Screen in FTP Authentication Mode Using extplorer As Standalone
I get a blank screen (except for the header) after logging in successfully in extplorer using only FTP authentication... OwN 3m-All

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